Alila Borobudur


The upcoming Alila Borobudur will be located, as its name suggests, near Borobudur, one of the world’s most wondrous monuments and Indonesia’s most revered historic temple.   This property will cater to a broader set of tourists than our other properties, delivering the BUV unique experience in a more casual setting than our other exclusive resorts.

Since Alila Borobudur will be situated in Yogyakarta, which holds great potential as a tourist destination and well-supported by governmental promotion and high demand of hotel rooms, the potential for high occupancy creates a strategic opportunity to the benefit of BUV shareholders as well as local businesses and residents.  The property will be developed under the management of PT Bukit Borobudur (a provider of accommodations and hospitality services) following the completion of BUV’s acquisition of a 99% stake in PT Bukit Borobudur in December of 2011.